Health & Safety Policies

Privacy Information


Any particulars that we are provided with are solely for the purpose of gymnastics registration and in the event that an emergency contact is required. Your personal particulars may be disclosed to Gymnastics SA.

Clothing Policy


All participants must wear appropriate attire throughout each and every class


Appropriate attire includes:

        -  Hair tied back - out of face

        - Comfortable clothing  - T-Shirt and Shorts acceptable if non baggy and tucked in

        - Leotard and tights acceptable

        - No jewellery (including watches/ fitbits)

       -  No hoodies


Please note:

If it is cold we request that gymnasts wear warm clothing to and from training.

Please bring a water bottle to each class.


Koorana Gymnastics Codes of Behaviour


Gymnasts' Code of Behaviour


  • Co-operate with your coach and other gymnasts. Without them there would be no gym.


  • Treat all gymnasts as you would like to be treated.


  • Be a good sport and recognize the efforts and good results of other gymnasts.


  • All long hair must be tied back securely for classes.


  • In the interests of safety, no hair clips, earrings, or other pieces of jewellery may be worn during classes (studs and sleepers maybe worn in pierced ears). Pierced body parts must be taped.


  • In the case of disruptive behavior in class, children will be given verbal warnings on the first two occasions, with a note to the parents, then on the third occasion the child will be dismissed from the club. A letter to the parents will notify them of this decision.


  • No mp3 players to be used whilst training inside the gym.



Parents' Code of Behaviour


  • To help the instructors please make sure that your child is punctual for their class and that they get into the habit of getting their name marked on the roll before entering into the gym.


  • Gymnasts wait outside the gym in the foyer until class starts and after class ends. Please come inside to pick up your child as the car park can be quite dangerous and busy. Please collect your child promptly after their class.

  • Children who are not involved in classes at that time are not permitted to use the gym equipment.

  • Parents are welcome to watch their child from the foyer of the gymnasium. Parents are not permitted to watch from inside the gymnasium. This is to we minimize disruption and enable the gymnasts to concentrate to their fullest potential during their classes.​​

  • If your child is not well in any way, it is preferably to keep them home

  • If you know your child is going to be away from class for several weeks, please let the instructor know in advance. This can then be noted in the roll book and a place can be kept in the class. We do have a waiting list and in fairness to the people waiting, we fill any vacancies if we are not notified of a child’s prolonged absence.

  • Smoking is not permitted within the viewing area, foyer, or the gymnasium.​​

  • Recognise the value and importance of being a volunteer coach. They give their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your children and deserve your support.

  • Remember children are involved in gym for their enjoyment, not yours.

  • Focus upon the child’s efforts rather than the overall outcome of any event they participate in. this assists the child in setting realistic goals related to their ability.

At Koorana Gymnastics we understand the importance of and encourage a healthy lifestyle in all our members.

We pride ourselves on the prevention of injuries and we hope you will support us in  our efforts

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